New Era for Good & Fair!

Dear Friends,

Today is an important day! Good & Fair is now selling other ethical and "do gooder" brands on our website! This is a big move for us. It's a decision that makes sense for how we want to see change made in the world. 

Good & Fair's roots are in the fair trade movement. We launched in 2010 as a response to modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Our main goal is to support supply chains that treat people with dignity and respect. We want to provide consumers an alternative to conventional factory produced clothing and accessories. We support the makers of ethical fashion with proper wages, safe working conditions, worker rights, access to health care and education, and the freedom to work as one chooses. As Good & Fair has grown we have seen how other models of production also make our world a better place and provide employment for those who have been exploited. As well as continuing to support our current fair trade and organic production partners in India we want to help support other ethical supply chains. 

We will be asking a lot from our partners because we want to continue as a brand who deserves your trust. 

Mitscoots, a fantastic Austin-based sock maker, is our first partner brand. They recently expanded their offerings to include some very cool wool hats and scarves. Their hats, scarves, and socks are made right here in the USA with domestic cotton. They offer a "give back" model and they employ locals who are transitioning out of homelessness. Their mission is to 1. Sell 100% American gear, 2. For every item purchased, they give and equal quality item to someone in need, and 3. They take pride in employing those transitioning out of homelessness to package everything they sell. More simply put their mission is to Get & Give & Employ! We are proud to offer their awesome products as a Good & Fair partner. 

We would love your feedback and suggestions for other brands with which we can partner!

Thank you!

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