Do good and be fair. It is no more complicated than that. 

When Good & Fair launched in 2010 it was in response to the state of fast fashion and the use of slave labor in supply chains across the globe. Modern-day slavery finds its way into the things we buy everyday, including our clothes. Our goal is to support supply chains that treat people with dignity and respect. We provide consumers with an alternative to conventional factory produced clothing and accessories. We support the makers of ethical fashion with proper wages, safe working conditions, worker rights, access to health care and education, and the freedom to work as one chooses.

Along with our own products, we also offer other ethical fashion brands. 

Currently, our production supply chain for our own products is located in India. We partner with a fair trade certified farmers cooperative who farm according to organic standards - no pesticides, no GMO seed. Our products are made at a factory just outside Kolkata, India. They provide proper, fair wages for lock-stitchers, finishers, and all staff at the factory. They also provide free education for the children of factory workers and free healthcare for the workers and their families - including children and grandparents. Worker rights are protected, including the right to organize. 


Good & Fair Clothing's roots are in the fair trade movement.  The products we produce are fairly traded from farm to factory. We work with production facilities to produce our scarves, tee shirts, ladies underwear and men's boxers who operate with high ethical standards.  The supply chain for these items is located in India.


Our Good & Fair cotton garments are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The farmers who grew the cotton used in our garments were paid fairly for their cotton and farmed according to organic standards.


One of the ways we can do good is support ethical supply chains right here in the U.S. We offer products from other brands who share our vision for ethical fashion and doing good in the world.